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Li'l David's picture page

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You will be glad you did. These are from when I was 3 months to the present.

Put your mouse on each picture for more info.

If you hate the music, turn down your volume.

If you like it, It is "Hairless heart"

from "the lamb lies down on broadway"

by Genesis.

I love jasmine! (20979 bytes)

David_sep_01.gif (35205 bytes)
Davidsleeping.JPG (20647 bytes) He ain't heavy, he's my brother....
Do you have a towel or something?

I'm gonna take that camera if I get a chance....

If I could get this can open, I'd really have some fun.

dbr5.jpg (51858 bytes)

       You take too many pictures, Dad.


Here I am at 3 and 1/2

       Can't you see I need a refill?



Dandmdoor.jpg (29225 bytes)

Don't tickle!

birds.jpg (42540 bytes)

Come on, just a little closer.....I got somethin'  for ya. (60136 bytes)

I'm trying to ride this thing my granny gave me!

kitchen1.jpg (54577 bytes)

I used to like school.........

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updated with love on 11/30/02

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