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Li'l David's Autism Page

"little man"


This is a poem I hacked together a couple years ago.

It's not Yeats, but it is from the heart.


I know a little man, his age is six years old,

He does not act like other boys, he is autistic I am told.

I often wonder what it's like inside his little head,

Is it peaceful and serene

Or do monsters chase him as he lies in bed?

Do fairies dance and flowers bloom

In a million shades of red?

Or do the colors scream and the sounds pound,

and make him wish that he were dead.

Are "cheetos" and lollypops free for all?

And you never have to "go to bed?"

Are there dogs aplenty and cool running streams?

Ears to feel, cats to chase, and sweet, sweet dreams?

Or does our world shout too much? Is it much too loud?

Do his senses reel at the din and make his mind a cloud?

Is that why he runs away? And why he cries so loud?

I want to tell him that I love him. To tell him I am proud.

I want to speak the spell that breaks the curse

and blows away the cloud.

I hope some day to know these things,

and to tell him how I feel.

To share his hopes and dreams and help to make them real

Yes I know a little man, His age is still the same

I love him more than life itself.

And David is his name

and here is one his mom wrote:


"Why," You Ask?


David is a handsome boy.

He knows not what he does.

He does not sleep very well at night.

"Why," you ask?  Just because.


David is an active boy.

He takes off all his clothes.

He'll only eat certain foods.

"Why," you ask?  Who knows?  


David is a vocal boy.

But he cannot say he loves us.

He'll bang his head to get his point across.

"Why," you ask?  That's above us. 


David is an intelligent boy.

But at times he sits and stares.

He spins himself around and 'round.

"Why," you ask?  Who cares? 


David is a troubled boy. 

Sometimes he feels so blue. 

He has to take medication.

"Why," you ask?  I wish I knew. 


David is a beautiful boy. 

But he can't perform a simple task. 

So, if our paths should cross someday 

And you wonder WHY, don't ask. 


I am very proud of my special child, and I am happy to answer your questions. 

 But please don't ask me why David has autism.  No one knows that yet.

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Written by David Richards.  And Renae