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Dave's midi page

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I have become a great fan of midi sequencing. I have begun a collection of them,

and this page is so I can share them with you! I have sorted them by original performer.

I am always looking for midi"s. If you happen across any interesting ones,

Click on this li'l mailbox to send 'em!

Send me mail!



Broadway melody of 1974

Carpet crawlers

Cinema show


Dancing with the moonlit knight

Fly on a windscreen

Guide vocal

Hairless heart

Hold on my heart

I know what I like

In too deep

Man on the corner

No reply at all

No son of mine

Taking it all too hard

Turn it on again

More to come! Stay tuned.....

Click here for the most complete collection of Genesis midi files on the web!

Pink Floyd

Comfortably numb


High hopes

Learning to fly

On the turning away

Us and them

Wish you were here

A killer Pink Floyd site (with bootleg mp3's!)


Dazed and confused


Dream on

Enjoy the silence

For your love

Girlfriend in a coma

Just the way you are


Still loving you

Still got the blues

Wonderful world

That's all for now! Hope you enjoy them.

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