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Li'lDavid's Autism Page

If you are the parent of anautistic child,  or have one of these special people in your life,

 You will find many valuableresources here. 

Our personal experiences,pictures, sounds and links, taken from our life on the spectrum


Hello again, Constant readers….Ihave risen from the dead, to update my much neglected website. Not much in the wayof changes tonight (11-12-04)

But I will be slowly addingcontent and commentary in the next week. Much has changed in the last year, andthere is lots to tell. Most of it is positive. So, stay tuned!

Thanks for your visit, and please,Be well.

Thanks, Dave

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Autism pages


Li'l David's story 

Pictures of David

Lil David sounds

Autism links


Little Man; A poem about David

How to understand

An Overview of autism



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